Buying and Selling your Home

Buying or selling a property is probably the biggest financial transaction most of us will make in our lifetime. The pressure caused by the sheer scale of the money changing hands and the actual upheaval of moving is compounded by the emotional attachment many of us share for our homes.

This is why, whether buying or selling, you want a calm, efficient team which gets on with your transaction; undertaking the searches, answering the questions, dealing with the agents and other party’s solicitors and, critically, exchanging and completing on time.

At Fenland Estates we've partnered up with Fosters Law, their dedicated team of qualified property lawyers provide a fast, efficient and friendly service that removes the burden and stress from you.

We hope the following information makes the whole process a little more understandable, including...

  • buying a home
  • selling a home
  • financial aspects
  • title insurance

Whether you are thinking of buying, selling or re-mortgaging your home, it pays to contact your solicitors at an early stage.

Fosters Law


Whether your buying, selling or re-mortgaging your home call Rob on 01406 363006.