Marketing your property

Top tips to help market your property from Fenland Estates

First impressions count

Don’t forget how your property will look to a potential purchaser when they approach it for the first time. If the front garden is unkempt or the front door needs painting it is likely to put them off before they even come inside.

Keep tidy

Neat and tidy rooms appear not only more attractive but also more spacious. Untidy or unclean kitchens and bathrooms are particularly likely to give a poor impression.

Small touches

Coffee percolating, fresh baked bread and the smell of fresh cut flowers may seem a little clichéd, but they are preferable to the smell of wet dog and baskets of unwashed laundry! Attention to small details can make a big difference the success of the viewing.

Be flexible

Viewings are vitally important to the sale of your property. Always try to accommodate viewings even though the timings may not be particularly convenient. If you are unavailable, and with your permission, we can still complete the viewing without you being present.

This is one of the main reasons for using a local agent rather than an online agency where you will have to do all the viewings and gather feedback yourself.

Listen to feedback

We all have our different tastes and opinions about our homes. Be prepared to listen to feedback and be flexible.

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